Games for Kids to Play on a Trampoline

Nowadays it seems that kids spend almost all of their time indoors which everyone knows is not a good thing. Children need to be outside playing so that they can be healthy and grow up to be nice and strong. If your kids are just sitting inside all day they won’t develop their muscles as well as cognitive functions such as hand eye coordination from doing various sports and activities.

Now while it can be hard to convince your kids to go outside and play you can always buy something that will further entice them to do so. By purchasing a trampoline for your children you will give them a fun reason to go outside and get active. Jumping on a rebounder brings along with it a variety of benefits such as cardio for the heart, hand eye coordination, and even leg development. If your child has a problem with weight issues than a trampoline will also help with that as well. With so many benefits it’s astonishing that more parents haven’t bought a trampoline already.


Trampoline Games for Kids

trampoline games

When you first get a rebounder your kids will love to just get on and jump around but eventually they are going to get bored. What really makes them so fun is the fact you can play games as long as there are a couple other kids to play with. Growing up myself I spent many hours playing on a trampoline and have learned many of the games over the years. By showing your kids how to play these games they will have even more fun while on the rebounder and spend more time playing as well.




One of my favorite games to play as a kid would have to be popcorn. This game is played by having one person sitting in the middle crisscross holding onto both their feet while the other players try to break their grasp by bouncing them in the air. Popcorn is a ton of fun and definitely helps build leg strength if you are the one trying to break the popcorn. Just make sure not to let the bigger kids bounce little kids too high because someone could get hurt.


Dead Man


To play dead man one person has to sit in the middle with their eyes closed and count to 10, once they are done counting have to keep your eyes closed and without standing up touch another player. The other players can do anything but jump over the dead man and they also have to make sure that the dead man doesn’t fall off. This game is best played when there is a safety enclosure around the rebounder.


Dodge the Ball


Dodge the ball is a ton of fun in the best part is that everyone can play at once. How it works is you find some balls that you have laying around such as a football or soccer ball and set them on the mat. After all the balls are on the mat then everyone starts jumping and once you are hit with the ball you are out have to get off the trampoline. The last person still standing is in the clear the winner.


Now Go Have Fun!


Now that you know a few different games you can play while jumping on a trampoline your kids will be sure to have a ton of fun. With all the benefits this fun brings it will make you wonder why you didn’t by a rebounder sooner.

Leading RWS 34 Review – 2015

Best Diana RWS 34 Review


I had been hearing all kinds of rumors about the RWS 34 over a time period of several months. After a while I started looking into it and the first thing I noticed was that it’s the most popular rifle RWS has ever sold to date. What more could a collector as well as enthusiast hope to see? After that initial good sign and checking out all of the features that came with the RWS 34 I knew I had to have it.

Honestly, if I could go back I would have bought it sooner. It has come to be the best air rifle in my entire collection. With that being thrown out there, I have been quite anxious to write this RWS 34 review. I decided to wait until I had a full grasp on what the gun is capable of and its durability. So, after many hunting trips and various hours of shooting at targets later here is my full review on my experience with this great air rifle.


leading rws 34 review



I was very pleased with the RWS 34 from the start. The design is fantastic; Diana went for a sleek and simplistic look with this air rifle and they definitely mastered it. I purchased the .22 caliber version of this gun because I knew I would be using it for hunting purposes.

However, when I first brought it home I set up some cans for plinking so that I could test the accuracy of the rifle. I expected to find that RWS was simply over advertising the extreme accuracy of this gun, but instead I found that the 34 is very, very accurate. With my .22 I get a velocity of up to 800fps and it usually stays pretty close to that number, varying slightly.

Approximately a week after that I took it with me hunting. It easily took down several rabbits, a racoon and a squirrel. I’m not sure how the .177 version would do in this area, but the .22 is more than powerful enough for hunting.

Basic Features

  1. Scope Rails
  2. Two Stage Adjustable Triggers
  3. Front/Rear Sights
  4. Automatic Safety

A 2015 Orbounder Trampoline Review

An Orbounder Trampoline Review

When searching for a new trampoline one tends to quickly notice just how many options there are. From recreational to professional, there’s just so many different brands, sizes, shapes and most important of all, prices.

Although, there is one brand that seems to stick out which just happens to be Orbounder. This company receives multiple happy customer reviews on a daily basis and seems to feature less mishaps and faults than any other trampoline brand out there. You’ll probably hear them referred to as the best trampoline on the market, but why?


Orbounder trampolines are known to be very robust, featuring a rust resistant galvanized steel frame and springs. Plus, the frame pad provides for a longer life, keeping your children happily bouncing on the jumping contraption for years.

However, some people did mention in their Orbounder trampoline reviews that the enclosure pole broke after a while. This is an easy fix, simply purchase a new enclosure pole that are often pretty cheap.

Easy Assemble

The four, reinforced socket W-shaped legs, and oversized frame pad with mounting straps is more than easy to assemble, especially with the detailed instructions. Two or more people could accomplish the task in 30 or so minutes, while one person could also easily get the job done in a rather short amount of time if needed.

However, if you find yourself rather confused about what the manual is instructing you to do you can find an article on the internet that simplifies the instructions for you; or just watch the YouTube video below for a quick and to the point guide.


What makes Orbounders the best trampoline would have to be their exceptional safety measures. With the trampoline purchase you will receive an enclosure with the following features:

  • Premium Mesh Netting
  • Dual Closure Entry
  • Rust-resistant, galvanized steel enclosure poles




Top Browning Leverage Review of 2015

Top Browning Leverage Review

Out of all the air rifles I’ve ever used for hunting, one stands out. It is, of course, none other than the Browning Leverage. I purchased it two years back after somebody recommended it to me and I can admit that I was very pleased with the rifle. It’s of very high quality at a reasonable price, as you can see in this Browning Leverage review.


It doesn’t take long to realize that the Browning Leverage air rifle comes with many great features. My favorite is the Monte Carlo stock with right hand raised cheekpiece and ventilated rubber buttpad; it provides for a very comfortable fit while shooting the rifle. It also features an automatic safety to prevent any accidental shooting.

However, the spring-piston mechanism is the brain of the Browning Leverage. Other features include an underlever action, fiber optic front and rear adjustable sights, weaver/picatinny scope rail, 3-9×40 scope and mount and a 14.25” length of pull.

Leading Browning Leverage ReviewIt weighs 8.6 pounds and has a trigger pull of only 5.2 pounds. Also, it features a cocking effort of 28 pounds. What’s really great, though, is that when shot the Browning Leverage can reach a maximum 1000fps velocity which is more than decent. Furthermore, it has a one shot capacity but is easy to reload; this is not much of a bother especially since most air rifles have a one shot capacity.


If you take a look at other Browning Leverage reviews you’ll quickly notice the enormous amounts of happy consumers and high ratings. There really is no doubt that this is an exceptional air rifle, some might even say that it is the best. You can easily use it for small game hunting or target shooting, it’s not any better at one use than the other.