A 2014 Orbounder Trampoline Review

An Orbounder Trampoline Review

When searching for a new trampoline one tends to quickly notice just how many options there are. From recreational to professional, there’s just so many different brands, sizes, shapes and most important of all, prices.

Although, there is one brand that seems to stick out which just happens to be Orbounder. This company receives multiple happy customer reviews on a daily basis and seems to feature less mishaps and faults than any other trampoline brand out there. You’ll probably hear them referred to as the best trampoline on the market, but why?


Orbounder trampolines are known to be very robust, featuring a rust resistant galvanized steel frame and springs. Plus, the frame pad provides for a longer life, keeping your children happily bouncing on the jumping contraption for years.

However, some people did mention in their Orbounder trampoline reviews that the enclosure pole broke after a while. This is an easy fix, simply purchase a new enclosure pole that are often pretty cheap.

Easy Assemble

The four, reinforced socket W-shaped legs, and oversized frame pad with mounting straps is more than easy to assemble, especially with the detailed instructions. Two or more people could accomplish the task in 30 or so minutes, while one person could also easily get the job done in a rather short amount of time if needed.

However, if you find yourself rather confused about what the manual is instructing you to do you can find an article on the internet that simplifies the instructions for you; or just watch the YouTube video below for a quick and to the point guide.


What makes Orbounders the best trampoline would have to be their exceptional safety measures. With the trampoline purchase you will receive an enclosure with the following features:

  • Premium Mesh Netting
  • Dual Closure Entry
  • Rust-resistant, galvanized steel enclosure poles




Top Browning Leverage Review of 2014

Top Browning Leverage Review

Out of all the air rifles I’ve ever used for hunting, one stands out. It is, of course, none other than the Browning Leverage. I purchased it two years back after somebody recommended it to me and I can admit that I was very pleased with the rifle. It’s of very high quality at a reasonable price, as you can see in this Browning Leverage review.


It doesn’t take long to realize that the Browning Leverage air rifle comes with many great features. My favorite is the Monte Carlo stock with right hand raised cheekpiece and ventilated rubber buttpad; it provides for a very comfortable fit while shooting the rifle. It also features an automatic safety to prevent any accidental shooting.

However, the spring-piston mechanism is the brain of the Browning Leverage. Other features include an underlever action, fiber optic front and rear adjustable sights, weaver/picatinny scope rail, 3-9×40 scope and mount and a 14.25” length of pull.

Leading Browning Leverage ReviewIt weighs 8.6 pounds and has a trigger pull of only 5.2 pounds. Also, it features a cocking effort of 28 pounds. What’s really great, though, is that when shot the Browning Leverage can reach a maximum 1000fps velocity which is more than decent. Furthermore, it has a one shot capacity but is easy to reload; this is not much of a bother especially since most air rifles have a one shot capacity.


If you take a look at other Browning Leverage reviews you’ll quickly notice the enormous amounts of happy consumers and high ratings. There really is no doubt that this is an exceptional air rifle, some might even say that it is the best. You can easily use it for small game hunting or target shooting, it’s not any better at one use than the other.